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Welcome to, a web-based clinical education resource designed for Irish GPs and community based healthcare professionals. If you are a carer or person with dementia you may be interested in visiting the new public information website; Dementia - Understand Together. has been launched as part of a broader clinical education initiative called PREPARED (PRimary care Education, Pathways And Research in Dementia), which is a project that is part of the overall implementation of the Irish National Dementia Strategy.  PREPARED is coordinated by the Department of General Practice at University College Cork, and is funded by the Health Service Executive and Atlantic Philanthropies.

The clinical content of this site has been developed using existing clinical guidelines and recommendations where possible. We have endeavoured to keep the clinical content up-to-date and relevant to primary care. There are links below to the sources of information for each clinical section of the site. Please see our terms & conditions for our disclaimer on the clinical content.


The PREPARED project, overseen by Dr Tony Foley (Lecturer in General Practice at UCC and GP at Kinsale Medical Centre, Cork) is a national dementia education initiative which aims to develop, deliver and evaluate training and education interventions to GPs and primary care clinicians which will contribute to:

  • Patients receiving optimal, evidence based dementia care in General Practice by GPs who are upskilled to assess, diagnose and care for patients with dementia, and who are empowered by clear, accessible dementia care pathways.
  • Patients recieving an integrated, collaborative dementia care response from a prepared, proactive Primary Care Team.


In 2016 and 2017, the PREPARED project will be involved in rolling out a number of dementia training and education initiatives, including:

  • Bespoke practice-based dementia workshops for GPs 
  • Dementia education seminars for GPs at national and local events
  • Online dementia education modules for GPs (in conjunction with the ICGP)
  • Clinical resources, including decision support tools, guidelines, care pathways and a database of supports and services, through the web resource
  • Other dementia training and education workshops, seminars and online initiatives for GPs and Primary Care Team clinicians.


Team Members

Dr Tony Foley: Principal Investigator, GP, UCC Lecturer

Ms Katherine Thackeray:  Project Manager

Ms Siobhan Boyle: Research Support Officer

Dr Aisling Jennings: PhD Candidate, GP

Contact Us

Please contact the PREPARED project if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how we could improve the site and its content. Specifically if you know of a community based activity for people with dementia or their carers in your area we would love to hear about it.

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