Dementia Pathways. For Primary Care in ireland

Dieticians work with all members of the Primary Care Team to deliver a co-ordinated approach to client care. The nutritional management plan focuses on initiating and maintaining dietary and lifestyle changes using evidence based guidelines and behaviour change techniques such as motivational interviewing. Assessment of nutritional status is the first step in the nutritional management of an individual.

Following assessment, the Dietician offers individual advice to clients to enable and empower them to achieve dietary objectives. The Dietician monitors progress and evaluates the outcome of the intervention. The purpose of nutritional intervention includes:

  • Treatment of certain conditions e.g. coeliac disease, food intolerance/ allergies
  • Assist in establishing a diagnosis e.g. malnutrition, faltering growth, nutritional anaemia and implement dietary intervention plan based on this diagnosis
  • Support and manage patients on artificial nutrition support( i.e. PEG feeding) in community settings
  • Role in chronic disease management and prevention e.g. diabetes, obesity, CVD
  • Prevention of complications e.g. diabetes, chronic renal failure, stroke patients
  • Improve quality of life e.g. irritable bowel syndrome