Dementia Pathways. For Primary Care in ireland


A core part of the PREPARED and the project is to develop and deliver a range of educational and training packages for GPs and for other health care professionals working in primary and community care settings.  Below, you will find more information on training opportunities that have been developed by PREPARED and its partners, along with other dementia training websites and information. 

PREPARED dementia education and training for GPs 

  • From July 2016, the PREPARED project are delighted to be able to offer GPs the opportunity to recieve two free, CPD accredited dementia workshops.  These workshops will be delivered in your practice at a time that is convenient to you by a local GP facilitator who has an interest in dementia care.
  • There are two separate 1 hour workshops; one workshop on case based discussions on timely diagnosis and post diagnostic care, and another on the management of the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.  
  • We are actively recruiting practices and GPs who wish to avail of this training. If you are interested in scheduling workshops to be provided at your practice or want further details and information about the workshops, please contact the dementia PREPARED team at UCC.  
    • We are currently operating in the South West, South East and Greater Dublin areas, and hope further areas will come on stream in 2017.

ICGP e-learning modules.  

  • There are currently two accredited CPD dementia training modules available via the ICGP elearning website.  A third module will be available later in 2016.

Dementia Elevator Project, DCU

  • Dementia Elevator is an education and empowerment programme developed by DCU and the HSE (with the support of Atlantic Philanthropies) to help individuals, communities and health systems engage appropriately with people with dementia.
  • Dementia Elevator aims to give people skills they need to support ageing in place for people with dementia, challenge the way society thinks about dementia, and provide opportunities for people with dementia to move up to the next level of education and skill.

Dementia Services Information and Development Centre 

  • DSIDC is a National Centre for excellence in dementia and is committed to best practice in all aspects of dementia care, and are a well established dementia-specific training and education service in Ireland.
  •  DSIDC promotes an awareness of dementia by providing education and training to health care practitioners which enable participants to increase knowledge and skills and develop attitudes which enhance their ability to provide the best possible care.