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Men Only Carer Group

Contact name:
Regina Lafferty
Job title:
Advanced Nurse Practitioner Candidate
Email address:
Telephone number:
Primary Care, Mental Health
Date of programme:
Commenced in 2015
Other contact:
The Willow Day Hospital. Ashlin Centre, Beaumont, Dublin 9
Description of activity:
This men-only evening focuses on caring from a male perspective. Nursing and Psychology colleagues have facilitated this in partnership with a male caregiver who tells his personal story of caregiving to the group. Topics include communication strategies, caring for the carer and group discussion.
Purpose and aim of programme:
This men-only carer evening was initially facilitated following anonymous written carer feedback from the six-week programme facilitated by our team. It was suggested that a male-only group would be beneficial. The aim of this evening is to provide education and support to men who are caring for a loved one and encourage them to openly discuss concerns/issues that they may not feel comfortable exploring elsewhere
Developed in partnership with:
Carer co-facilitation and input into topics discussed
Duration of programme:
5 years
Locations of the programme activities:
The Willow Day Hospital. Ashlin Centre, Beaumont, Dublin 9
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