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Can you see what I see (Book)

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Caroline Hyland
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Illustrator and art facilitator
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‘Can You See What I See?’ is an illustrated book with accompanying text, that promotes living well with dementia and advocates for a society to see the person first and not the disease. Developed by Caroline Hyland, an illustrator and art facilitator, with a background in Occupational Therapy and Education.
• ‘Can You See What I See?’ is strongly informed by listening to people with dementia, and to those who support them.
•All profits from the book sales will go to the Living Well with Dementia HSE project.
Price 16 Euro + P&P

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It aims to inform the person, their family and friends, students, healthcare workers and wider society. It can be used to open up conversations among all ages, to empower communities and as a training resource in a number of fields, including health and social care.
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The book evolved from a visual arts project facilitated by Tallaght University Hospital in 2017, with support and funding from the Adelaide Health Foundation, the Meath Foundation and the National Centre for Arts and Health. Professor Des O’Neill, consultant gerontologist at Tallaght University Hospital wrote the Foreword.
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