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Dementia Advisers

The role of a Dementia Adviser is to be a 'point of contact' for anyone concerned about their cognitive health or for people who have received a dementia diagnosis.

Dementia Advisers provide support, practical assistance, advice, information, and 'signpost’ people with dementia and their carers to appropriate services and supports.

The HSE through the National Dementia Office and the Alzheimer Society of Ireland have expanded the National Dementia Adviser Service. There is now a Dementia Adviser in every county in Ireland. The expanded service was officially launched by Minister Mary Butler in November 2021.

The expansion of the service comes following an independent evaluation of the DA service which was conducted in 2018. The evaluation found high levels of satisfaction among clients and health care professionals with the DA service and recommended expansion of the service and improved integration with existing services and improved public awareness of the DAs and what they do.

You can read the evaluation report below.


Joanne Brennan, Dementia Adviser North Dublin outlines a case study that demonstrates the work of a Dementia Adviser. It is an example of how a Dementia Adviser helps and supports a person with dementia and their family carer through their journey of dementia.


Maeve Montgomery is a Dementia Adviser to people living in Louth and Meath. 


Sean Donal O'Shea is a Dementia Adviser to people living in Limerick City and County. 


Regina Lafferty is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner Candidate, Mental Health Services


Vanessa Bradbury, a Dementia Adviser in conversation with dementia advocate Kathleen Quinlan from the Irish Dementia Working Group