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The National Intellectual Disability Memory Service

People with Down syndrome are susceptible to accelerated ageing and are at a higher risk of developing dementia. A new National Intellectual Disability Memory Service (NIDMS) has been established at Tallaght University Hospital in partnership with the Daughters of Charity Disability Support Service and Trinity College Dublin. The aim of this service is to provide access to specialist memory assessment, comprehensive diagnostic work-up and post-diagnostic support for persons presenting with memory concerns. This new National Memory Service is available to all persons with Down syndrome and persons with ID from other aetiologies throughout Ireland.

Referral Pathway

Referrals can be made through GPs. You will then be contacted by the Clinical Nurse Specialist/Advanced Nurse Practitioner to discuss the concerns and undertake an initial memory assessment over the phone. 

The initial results from this screening will be discussed with Professor Sean Kennelly, Consultant Geriatrician and the Clinical Director of the National Intellectual Disability Memory Service (NIDMS) and relevant members of the specialist dementia team.  Following this, if deemed necessary, you will be given an appointment to attend the NIDMS at Tallaght University Hospital. 


What happens if a Diagnosis of Dementia is made?

Timely diagnosis is so important to enable dementia care to focus on supporting people to live well with the diagnosis and to engage in valued life-enhancing activities. Early diagnosis allows more time to plan for appropriate care and treatment.  Person-centered care and futures planning enable the person with an intellectual disability living with dementia to continue to enjoy life with their family and friends in their community.

The NIDMS provides an adaptable model of care and support that can be linked into existing dementia assessment and diagnostic services for people with ID nationwide.  It will provide regional satellite centres of supports, linked to the main NIDMS clinic, that will work in partnership with existing regional services.  The NIDMS aims to support best quality outcomes for each person with ID diagnosed with dementia in Ireland and their carers. 

How do I contact the NIDMS?

The NIDMS is located in the Russell Building, Floor 7, Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin.

You can phone the clinic administrator on: 01 4144994

For general information please email

You can access information about the service at:


National Intellectual Disability Memory Service Information Flyer