Dementia Pathways. For Health & Social Care Professionals

Supporting Documentation

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Summary Form: to be used in conjunction with the CSARs and InterRai Sat Assessment Tool to collate and capture any additional information required to assess the range of needs of individuals with MCI / dementia.

Home Support Service Guidance Notes Form A


Home Support Service Guidance Notes Form B


Schedule of Services: a template to be used to document the support response proposed and to outline who will provide that support. 

Dementia Home Support Guidance Document


Training Resources:   A short online module for Health Care Support Assistants working either directly for the HSE or approved care providers. This module covers how Health Care Support Assistants can enable people living with dementia to remain engaged and active in their homes and communities. 

To access the module, search ‘Dementia Enhanced Home Supports’ or access it through the clinical skills catalogue on HSeLanD.