Dementia Pathways. For Primary Care in ireland

Home Supports

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Patients may find practical tips for improving time and place orientation around the home helpful. For example:

  • Keep a large clock and a calendar visible in the bedroom and kitchen so the person always knows what day/time it is.
  • Attach a sticker (where possible) to appliances such as the toaster or coffee maker describing what the appliance does and put notices on doors and cupboards as a reminder of what is inside the cupboards/behind doors.
  • To reinforce self-identity, place large pictures of family members and friends around the house, complete with nametags.

See PDF below for more practical tips on living with dementia.


Depending on the stage of the illness and other co-morbities the patient may be eligble for home help. See PDF below for information for patients on the HSE care packages

  • If the patient or the caregiver is reluctant to accept help it may be as a result of a fear of losing autonomy. These situations can be helped by explaining to the patient, or the carer, that sometimes sacrificing a small amount of autonomy is necessary to maintain independence and to stay at home as long as is possible.