Dementia Pathways. For Health & Social Care Professionals

Occupational Therapy & Dementia Care Module 1 & 2 (DSiDC)

Who is the programme suitable for?

  • Occupational therapists


Learning outcomes: Module 1

  • Be an advocate for a person living with dementia
  • Identify appropriate assessment and interventions for a range of presentations. 
  • Have a working knowledge of how to apply these assessments and interventions in a variety of settings. 
  • Provide education & support for people living with dementia, their family and caregivers. 

Module 2: Interventions

There are 8 interventions

  • Optional Engagement
  • ADL's
  • Physical and Seating
  • Cognitive and Compensation 
  • Education and Communication 
  • Environment
  • Assistive Technology
  • Driving


Module 1: approx 50 mins

Module 2: approx 1 hr

Mode of delivery


Contact information

Dementia Services Information and Development Centre (DSIDC).

Tel: 01 4162035