Dementia Pathways. For Health & Social Care Professionals

Sonas Course Level 1 & Level 2 (Engaging Dementia)

Who is the programme suitable for?

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Speech and language Therapists

  • Nursing (Acute)

  • HCA (Acute)

  • Nursing (Residential)

  • HCA (Residential)

Brief description

The Sonas Programme is a therapeutic acitivity delivered as group and individual sessions for people with moderate to severe dementia. The sessions involve stimulation of all five senses, gentle physical exercise, quality engagement and relaxation. The Sonas Course is a two level course It involves online training and work-based learning, with certification then issued for two years.

  • Level 1 involves training to deliver the Sonas Individual Multisensory Session and Sonas Individual Relaxing Session.
  • Level 2 involves training to deliver the Sonas Group Session. Upon completion of Level 1, a person is certified to carry out Sonas Individual sessions. Upon completion of Level 2, a person is also certified to carry out the Sonas Group Session.
  • Course learning outcomes include an understanding of communication, the experience of dementia, the benefits of sensory stimulation, and the Sonas Programme.


2 days (Level 1)

plus 1 day (Level 2)

Mode of delivery

Level 1: Online (two days), with work-based learning

Level 2: Face to face (one day), and online, with work-based learning

Where it is available

Nationwide / In-house


(Level I & II) is €450

Contact information

Mounttown Community Facility, Mounttown Lower, Dun Laoghaire,               Co. Dublin, A96KR65