Dementia Pathways. For Health & Social Care Professionals

Framework and Model of Care

Model of Care for Dementia In Ireland 

The Model of Care sets out a range of targets and practice recommendations to advance the treatment, care and support for people living with dementia in Ireland. Care pathways, timely diagnosis and early intervention will provide
an opportunity for the person with dementia and their families to be part of the journey in planning for their future needs and engage with the decision making process around these needs. Evidence has shown timely diagnosis provides
positively for the person with dementia and healthcare provider and enables individualised services tailored to meet the person’s needs. These early supports will further support our Acute Hospital System with Admission Avoidance and timely discharge for people with dementia. The Model
supports the involvement of the person with dementia in research and this is particularly important in the context of continuous advances in care, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions.


The Continuum of Care for People with Dementia in Ireland (2019)

This report explores the potential of alternative models of long- term care for people living with dementia. It provides a review of national and international practice.


Dementia Needs Analysis Framework to Support Local Service Development (2018)

The Dementia Needs Analysis Framework to Support Local Service Development provides guidance on the development of dementia services. Engaging people with dementia and their families is at the centre of the six-step process outlined in the Framework.


Developing and Implementing Dementia Policy in Ireland (2017)

This report reflects on various aspects of care for people with dementia in Ireland and internationally with a view to informing future developments in dementia policy in the country.


The Irish National Dementia Strategy (2014)

The Strategy identifies key principles to underpin and inform the full range of health and social care services provided to people with dementia, their families and carers. It sets out strategic areas of action.


Creating Excellence in Dementia Care (2012)

This report provides research evidence to support the development of a new Strategy for Dementia in Ireland.