Dementia Pathways. For Health & Social Care Professionals

Reviews and Evaluations

This report includes the findings of a 2019 survey of clinicians involved in the diagnosis of dementia. It also provides details of dementia post diagnostic practices.


This literature review outlines international evidence and good practice in relation to dementia post diagnostic support.


This literature review outlines international best practice regarding dementia diagnostic service models, community based diagnostic services and dementia diagnosis disclosure.

This report outlines the evaluation of the National Dementia Adviser service. It highlights key findings and recommendations regarding this service.

This report outlines work completed up to May 2018 to progress the implementation of the 35 actions set out in the 2014 National Dementia Strategy

The National Dementia Office (NDO), Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI) partnered on a project to map dementia-specific community based services nationally.

ThIS report provides evidence from a study focused on two substantial dementia programme demonstration projects, one in South Dublin and the other in South Tipperary. Together these supported more than 300 people with dementia and their carers through a range of innovative personalised and psychosocial interventions.

Evaluation of the HSE Intensive Home Care Package Initiative.

Findings from the Dementia Intensive Home Care Package evaluation on what works for people with dementia.

Recommendations based on learnings from the implementation of the Dementia Intensive Home Care Package Programme across eight sites in Ireland.

The report contains the findings of the first national audit of dementia care in Ireland’s acute hospitals (INAD) performed from April to September 2013.