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Assistive Technology

What is Assistive Technology?

With the right supports and equipment, a person living with dementia can be supported to live in their own home independently. 

Assistive technology can be a product, gadget or system that helps with memory and recall. It promotes independence, helps manage risks and can assist in making the person living with dementia feel safe in their own home. Assistive technology can be a very simple product and it can also be a great technical gadget.

Examples of Assistive Technology equipment include;

  • Memory aids; e.g. medication reminders and voice recorders to record your own reminder messages
  • Orientations aids; e.g. electronic clocks that can help you keep track of time/day/month
  • Safety devices; e.g. night lights with sensors that will automatically turn on as you pass them and personal alarms
  • Communication aids; e.g. easy to use a landline and mobile phones
  • Other devices; e.g. easy to use TV remote controls and talking photo albums.

How can I find out more about Assistive Technology?

  • The Alzheimer Society of Ireland has a booklet below on Assistive Technology. 
  • This booklet will give practical information on different type of assistive technologies that are available. A free copy of this booklet can be obtained by ringing 1800 341 341.

  • The Living Well with Dementia project also has a section on their website with information on assistive technologies and suggestions for further resources.
  • The AT Dementia website, is a UK based website that gives detailed information on different assistive technologies that are available.