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Online Resources

Online Resources 

  • The Good Practice & Innovation Hub is a resource developed to showcase nationwide information on projects and initiatives being delivered across a range of care settings. The hub is a chance to learn more about what’s happening across the country and to link in with colleagues. 
  • The Information Portal provides easy access to a range of information materials which HSCPs can distribute to their clients who are living with dementia and to their families/carers, as appropriate.
  • Understand Together is a dementia public support, awareness and information campaign led by the HSE, working with The Alzheimer Society of Ireland and Genio. 
  • The Alzheimer's Society Ireland is a leading charity and provider of dementia services in Ireland.  Their national helpline on: 1 800 341 341
  • FreeDem is a website resource produced by Trinity College Dublin and has short films on dementia and brain health.
  • Dementia Services Information and Development Centre (DSiDC) provides information, education and training for healthcare professionals and those interested in dementia care, and is based in St James' Hospital, Dublin.
  • Engaging Dementia (formally SONAS) coordinates a wide range of therapeutic activities and training.


Documents, leaflets, guidelines

A repository of information, documents, and leaflets for all stages of a patient's dementia journey.

Supportive Memory Guide eBook

The Supportive Memory Guide eBook has been created by occupational therapists to provide useful tips and practical strategies to empower people with early stages of dementia to create protective routines and systems.

InspireD App

The InspireD App enables people living with dementia, their carers and families to create a digital memory book to store photographs, videos and sound

Positive language - An Alzheimer’s Society guide to talking about dementia


Dementia Diagnosis & Management in General Practice

Nutrition & Dementia

Information Prescription for Dementia (DSiDC)

Pills, Bills and Wills (DSiDC)

Driving and Dementia Factsheet (ASI)

Memory Loss and Driving (DSiDC)

On-Road Driving Assessment Information (RCPI/RSA)

Caring for the Person with Dementia in their Home (HSE/ASI)

Advance Care Directive Factsheet (IDH)

A Guide to Daily Living for Family Caregivers (LiD/DSiDC)

Enduring Power of Attorney (FLAC)

Changes in Behaviour and Management Tips (Alz Soc UK)

Understanding the Fair Deal Process (HSE)

Finding a Nursing Home for your Relative with Dementia (HSE)

Life for Caregivers after Placing a Relative with Dementia in a Nursing Home​ (LiD/DSiDC)

Loss and grief when a family member has dementia (ASI)

Grieving following the death of someone with dementia (ASI/IHF)

Loss and Grief in Dementia Factsheet (IHF)