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Memory Technology Resource Rooms

There are currently 24 Memory Technology Resource Rooms in Ireland. These rooms are for people who would like to know more about products and devices which can help manage memory difficulties.

When a person living with dementia visit a Memory Technology Resource Room, they are greeted by a healthcare professional who will discuss any difficulties they are having that assistive technology might be able to help with. An opportunity is then provided to see and try out different devices and strategies to promote independence, safety, and quality of life.

To find a Memory Technology Resource Room near you, please read our list of National Memory Technology Resources Rooms

Some of the Memory Technology Resource Rooms are not in full operation at this time due to the COVID 19. Emma O Brien will act as a central contact for any queries on a temporary basis. Emma will in turn contact the local MTRRs to confirm their status and can also answer any queries directly. See below for Emma's contact details.

Emma O Brien

087 1090799